A Better Way to Recruit


A Better Way to Recruit


Mission Statement

AFEEA Staffing intends to focus on growth with quality. Our goal is simple: to be the best service provider in our industry. We are focused on quality service and taking care of our people. We believe that if we treat our people as our most important resource, they will take care of our clients. We are service-driven. We go the extra mile to provide value-added personal service to our clients. Our overall reputation for quality in staffing service will translate into value creation for both our company and our customers’ businesses.

The management team will implement a strong program of internal growth with proven leaders in sales, operations and management. Our acquisition program will focus on mid-size companies with solid reputations for service and rely on our philosophy that former owners can be good team members and operators. We will instill an attitude of family in all our operations.

The management team will utilize a network of business development personnel with proven track records in government and commercial sales that will produce consistent growth that does not sacrifice quality for profit.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards. We take pride in giving our work our best effort. We intend to become the benchmark by which all staffing service providers are measured.

Coordinate job specific needs:​

This is the first and primary responsibility this will allow us to recruit well qualified and trained associates for each job function.

Our Promise

To live up to the standards we set in our Mission Statement means we must focus on the most important positions in our organization, our associates. We believe that the AFEEA associates assigned to each client should be a resource that enables you to not only save costs, but also handle some duties and responsibilities often shared by others.

How we Recruit

  • Conduct job fairs

  • Attend social and community events

  • Utilize career centers

  • Word of mouth referrals

  • Social Media

  • SEM & Targeted Display
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Mining

Job Placement

Once a qualified candidate meets all the job specific requirements, AFEEA will conduct all required background checks, pre-employment testing, and orientation. Once all prescreening job requirements have been satisfied AFEEA will coordinate with on-site management for job assignment

“This company is awesome! The staff is amazing! They go above and beyond to help you in any situation. Thankful that we have had to opportunity to work with them. If you are looking for a great staffing company to employ your people give Afeea a call today!”

-Carrie Kincaid, Edmar Floor Care